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Movie Review: How Old Are You?

Ever since this event, we have known this would probably happen. At Karthi, we followed all the unfolding of events with an eagerness that even surpassed the interest in the formation of a new central government for the country.  Each bit of news was savored and shared. It hit the screens right after one record landslide win was announced. For the sake of one person alone, we hoped that the same would happen for this movie too...

It was hard to hold on to our maxim of "Never go for a movie in the opening weekend" this time.  But we did it and went to see the movie at the first opportunity last Sunday.
No actor could have asked for a better comeback vehicle. The first movie that was announced for Manju was one by director Ranjith and for old times' sake, it was pretty disappointing to have it come to naught due to story problems. But proving the extremely cliched but true adage that "Everything happens for the best," Rosshan Andrews' How Old Are You has hap…

Movie Reviews: 7th Day and Ring Master

Aaaah, it feels so good to be back. I find that when we have a tour planned way ahead of time, my routine life just goes into suspended animation. I don't feel settled enough to pursue any of my regular activities and am always thinking, planning, packing and this becomes worse in the week preceding the actual trip. Besides there is DH who wants to explore all avenues of possible things to do and asking me to research the same. I have to use all my power just to restrain his enthusiasm or he would have us return from the trip all fagged out! 
But yes, we managed to watch two movies the weekend before we traveled. One was purely for the kids; you guessed it:  Ring Master. Dileep's latest should be taken only in that spirit so that you can avoid having any high expectations. We had a bunch of our neighbors' kids too in our entourage and they had a good time. There are any number of reviews online that say that the actor has used this movie to get back at his estranged wife.…